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Fire bowl Fire bowl Fire bowl
This fire bowl is great to use in your garden, in the park, on medieval markets or on liveroleplay events. It can be taken apart for transport by three bolts, which makes it ideal for events. The fire bowl protects the ground from fire...
€19.90 *
Fire pit pan Fire pit pan Fire pit pan
This pan is used for fire pits. Depending on the height above the fire bowl, you can cook or fry foods or keep them warm. The stable chains are linked into a ring, on which the chain of the tripod is attached. Material: Enamel coated...
€26.90 *
Suppenkessel-8,0l Soup kettle
The steam of a boiling kettle mixing with the sweet smell of the crackling sound of the campfire. Friends are laughing, talking and drinking with well filled mead horns. There is a bard playing songs in the near distance... The...
From €35.90 *
Tripod Tripod Tripod
This tripod made from twisted steel is the heart of every fireplace. Easy to setup, just hang the pan or grill in the included chain and hang both on the tripod, height depending on the desired temperature. The feet got covers to prevent...
€23.90 *
Wooden spoon hand carved Wooden spoon hand carved Wooden spoon hand carved
Cooking substantial stews in a big kettle is a proper way of cooking. Still, it can be a pest stirring with a spoon with short handle. We offer a hand-carved, wooden spoon for our kettles with enamel coating - with an extra long handle....
€9.90 *