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Discount for groups

Mytholon patronises the work of LARP-Organisers and support groups in fulfilling their costume ideas.


We offer:

  • Equipment for a full group (10+ ppl.) at a discount:
    Given Example: "Ignaz" tabbard 10x 179,90€ instead of 199,90€
    Just send us an email to support@mytholon.com.


  • Customised offers for Organisers:
    You need lots of equipment, when organising a LARP event. Just submit your event-information incl. contact person, group/association, date, place etc. by email to support@mytholon.com with a list of all the equipment required. Please let us know the fitting sizes and colour combinations as well. We will send you a customised offer with a good deal within a short time.


  • Heraldry in individual colours:
    Please contact us for more information on our possibilities to produce tabbards, standards, banners, shield covers or costume items in your chosen colour-combinations. The fitting patches in customised colours are available as well. It´s an easy and affordable way to realize your groups costume ideas.