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Colt 1873 peacemaker

„The gun that won the west!“
An accurate reproduction of the famous Colt „Peacemaker“ with a 4,75“ barrel from the 19th century. This replika is made of a zinc-aluminium alloy and can not be fired.
The "Colt Single Action Army" (also known as Peacemaker, Equalizer or Widowmaker) was introduced to the US Army 1873 and made it´s way all over the continent real fast.
The manufacturing company „Denix“ is known for a very detailed work on their products. So even the weight is almost true to original.
Trigger, drum, cock, pietta gate and loading lever are fully operational.
Length: 27 cm

Weight: 1000 g

For usage of pop platelets we recommend the fitting "bullets" for decoration pistols.

Disclaimer: These items are decorational and can not be fired. You may equip some with capsules to reenact a shot.

Please check your countries import regulations on replica weapons & explosives (caps) before ordering.

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