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Replica longsword typ 10 brass

The replica longsword type 10 is a deceptively realistic reconstruction of medieval models. The manufacturer "Wyverncrafts" uses a high-quality plastic for the hilt, which shows the details of a real sword down to the smallest detail. The hilt is hand-painted, resulting in an even more realistic look.
The material is so robust that even thin crossguards are very durable. The weapons fit comfortably in the wielder's hand and feel very similar to a real sword. The blade is made of a soft, tear-resistant foam material and foamed around a robust core rod made of glass fibre.

Material: Foam, GFRP

Hilt length including crossguard and pommel: approx. 19 cm
Hilt surface: approx. 12.5cm
Crossguard width: approx. 11.5cm
Blade length: 85cm
Weight: approx.

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