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Magor horse bow

Magor horse bow

Archery from the horses back developed first the plains of Asia. The bow was shorter than long bows, so it would not interfeare with the horses movements while shooting. The "Magyor" recurve bow was made by the "Elbenschmiede" company and copies patterns from traditional hungariean horse bows.

It is made from a fiberglas rod core and has ashen limbs on either end attached. The limbs are covered in leather (along the fiberglas core) and laced, for an additonal eye-catching, with leather strips. The bow is being delivered in a convenient cotton fabric cover.

We offer this bow for LARP purposes, with a maximum draw strength of 25lbs. Complete your equipment with a quiver from our wide offers, a useful finger protection, an archers glove and other details to complete the costume of a medieval archer.

Attention: The brown tone of the leather may vary from the picture.


Material: fiberglas roc, wood, leather
Strings length: 48,5''
Bows length (spanned): 53,5''
Bows length (slack): 58,3''
Weight: app. 550 gr

Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events etc.. The bows & crossbows have limited power compared to modern sport equipment.

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