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Pendragon longbow

On October 25th, 1415,  a large army of French knights battled the English army of Henry V near Azincourt. Thousands of French knights died that day. For the English used a terrible weapon: the English longbow.

This is the longbow "Pendragon", made by the manufacturer "Elbenschmiede" in Germany. The bow consists of a real wood laminate of cherry, nut wood and ash. The tips on the bow's ends are reinforced with horn pieces. Rangers, elves, or soldiers: this bow can be used for a wide variety of different character ideas.

You can complete your equipment with a quiver from our wide product range, matching archer's gloves and the low-priced HK arrow sets.

Material: wood, horn
String length: 179 cm (70 inches)
Length of bow (unstrung): 193 cm (76 inches)
Draw length: 84 cm (33 inches)
Draw strength: 29 lbs

Disclaimer: All items shown in this category were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like live roleplay events etc. The bows & crossbows have limited power compared to modern sports equipment. The arrows and bolts have safety heads made of foam that evenly distribute pressure to prevent injury.

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