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Nunzio buckler

"Nunzio" is a battle ready shield made of steel. The typical round buckle in the middle is not only decoration, but serves above all for deflecting blows. The wearer's hand is well protected in the hollow of the buckle. This sturdy buckler is made of steel with a thickness of 2 mm and has a stepped edge. The front fittings are firmly riveted to the shield and give it even more stability. The handle on the back is made of wood. "Nunzio" rounds off the equipment of every fighter and is stable enough to be used in a stage fight.
Material: brushed steel (2 mm), wood
Colours: blank
Diameter: 42 cm

Stage fighting is a generic term that encompasses many forms of this hobby. You must decide for yourself which type of show fight this article is to be used for. Please discuss with the respective organizer and your combat partners according to which rules you can use our equipment safely.

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