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Hans stage fight sword

Our Stage fighting swords  are made from high quality spring steel, to meet all safety demands for "regular" stage fight. The edge is blunted and 2mm wide, the tip is rounded and can not be used to stab. Minor notches are just the sign, that the producer checked the sword prior to shipping. It is almost impossible to avoid these notches, as every weapon is checked for breaking resistance.
These swords can be ordered by adults only (18 yrs and up), their use is at owners risk.

Our "Hans" sword is a typical knights sword, as it was used for several centuries. It is built with a fuller along the blade and is finished with a octagonal pommel and a straight crossguard. The grip is made from wooden shell type handles. Being 106cm long, this sword is a little longer, than most of our one handed swords.

We suggest to use Ballistol machine oil for the caretaking of this sword.

Material: steel, leather
Length: 106 cm
Blades length: 86 cm
Weight: app. 1600 g
Colour: blank

Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events, theater stages etc.. Stagefight-weapons have a rounded tip that can not be used to stab, as well as a blunt edge with at least 2mm width. This way staged fights with metal-weapons can be portrayed safely. They are only sold to adults and their use is at one´s own risk. We always recommend proper protection gear as well as a intense training with experts before displaying stage fights.

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