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Mytholons gambesons and padded accessories are all made from thick, robust canvas fabric. They are padded with Polyester fibers and have an inner lining of cotton. Some variations are padded with several layers of wool felt. This makes them thinner – a good alternative to be worn underneath plate metal armour.
Polyester fibers are normally used for the padding of seating furniture of the filling of stuffed toys. Barely absorbing moisture, it will not get any heavier when wet or damp. This way it dries much faster, which is quite important, when worn on hot days underneath a plate armour. The wool felt is used on few gambesons only, which need a solid, jet thin padding.

Our padded under-armour looks best, when combined as a comfortable under padding for the metal armour parts worn on top.


Our range of gambesons and padded articles is very versatile and will be extended even more in the future. They work as a seperate costume, but show their strength when worn underneath plate metal armour. It can be combined with any armour from our range, be it leather, plate metal or chainmail.

We use a robust canvas fabric, made from cotton for all our gambesons. Because of this the outer layer is very durable. A gambeson is highly stressed by oil remains of the armour worn on top and sweat from the inner side, when used in athletic moves by the wearer. The fabric must be very tearproof and tough to last for a long time.



We suggest to grease the leather straps and buckles with a propper leather care taking product on a regular basis. Otherwise they will wear out quickly, due to the remains of machine grease (from the metal armour) and sweat (from the wearers body).

It is recommended to brush off the worn gambeson after every event and rinse it with mild water to remove all remains of sweat and dirt. You should not wash the gambeson in a machine in any case.



Our offers on gambesons and other padded articles is versatile and fits most armours and costumes. Everyone wearing armour on LARP events or medieval camps should consider using these practical pieces of padding.