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Garment Lore


We use four different materials for clothing and accessories: absorbent cotton, sturdy linen, fine damask and warming wool. 


The cotton is used by us in different weaves. Lightweight cotton is used for blouses, shirts and slips. It wears pleasantly on the skin, absorbs moisture and is therefore ideally suited for an undergarment.

The more robust weave "canvas" we use for articles that are more heavily used. Overalls such as pants, tunics and coats, but also bags, quivers and gambesons are made of this versatile material. The third weave is the "cotton". It is similar to the "canvas", but finer cotton fibers are used here. The fabric is woven a bit denser and is therefore softer but still very robust. Some high quality garments are made from this material..



Our linen is a mixture of 50% linen and 50% cotton. Only in this combination, the high-quality fabric can fully exploit its properties. Many underwear and overgarments are ideal for the summer. Due to its good thermal conductivity, linen cools on warm days. It can give moisture and so it sweat away from the skin. Unfortunately, linen is not very durable, because the woven cotton comes into play. On the one hand it provides a higher abrasion resistance, on the other hand makes the fabric of the hard, but tear-resistant flax fibers softer and smoother.



Our damask fabrics are particularly suitable for depicting higher-ranking persons of fantasy and the Middle Ages. They consist of polyester threads in silver or gold, which are woven in multiple patterns in cotton fabric in a variety of colors. These patterns represent, for example, dragons or diamonds, in the future will follow even more motifs.

We produce our most popular garments such as slips & tunics, so you can always meet the occasion.



The wool we use consists of 70% wool, 20% polyester and 10% viscose. Blends of wool and synthetic fibers are proven combinations. The advantage of such a fiber mixture is that otherwise typical for the wool felt tendency. Furthermore, the care properties are improved, which decreases the lowest abrasion stress, the pilling tendency and increases the durability of the costume parts. Especially the viscose, made of cellulose as so-called "natural synthetic fiber", softens the wool and increases its wearing comfort. The well-known "scratching" of wool on the skin will go. Outerwear and coats are made with us from this fabric. It is water repellent and is able to warm when wet.



Possible combinations:

The combination of different textiles is not just a question of costume design. Each of our fabrics has properties that predestine him for a particular art of clothing. Combining these with each other, you get a garment that looks like modern
Functional clothing is well suited for outdoor use. The first layer of light cotton or linen exist. Sweat is dissipated as well as body heat in summer.

This should be followed by a layer of "canvas" or "premium cotton" which is tough but breathable. This is ensured by a layer of wool, z. As a coat, for the necessary warmth and protection from wind and light rain. Depending on the social status of the character also garments made of "damask" make a great look.

This way you can enjoy events in bad weather without freezing and sitting back on the sofa.



Especially with the upper wall coverings made of "canvas", we attach importance to a look, robust character and a good feel. Therefore, the fabric is something used for the textile industry. Woven fibers or slight "weaving defects" can be the result.



Basically, we recommend hand washing for all our textiles. In no case be dried in a dryer. Damask fabrics, multi-colored costume pieces or costume pieces with braid should be brought to the cleaning if necessary, as the fabrics rub off on each other. We advise against bleaching our textiles.

An ironing of the fabrics is possible, but only at low temperature.

Our colors are not UV resistant, so they will fade over time. If costume parts are exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, this can accelerate.



Our garments are based on the American size system of XS - 3XL. So you can orient yourself when buying based on your own T-shirt size. Some garments are deliberately cut further, as they were historically documented loose and still today. With these garments, a corresponding note can be found in the article description. Other articles, on the other hand, are deliberately figure-hugging, and corresponding references to the article description can also be found there.

If you are unsure which is the right size, simply contact our support team, they will gladly help you with your decision.

In addition, we offer dimension tables for many articles, which are the last image in the gallery. These measurement charts give you exact measurements for each available size. We are working to gradually provide these measurement charts for all garments.