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Lenora tiara cotton

The "Lenora" tiara is part of a so called "Schapel" (circlet) head piece: a ring of cloth added to a basic head scarf. The combination results in the "Gebende" (wimple), a well known medieval headdress for women. Starting in the 12th century, it was unusual for married women to show their hair openly. A combination of veils and tightly bound scarfs, which were additionally bound underneath the chin, was the most common and widely used headdress.

One purpose of this cloth tiara is its ornamental role; you can individually adorn this plain item with embroideries or fabric paint. Its second purpose is holding the veil or the wimple in place. The tiara itself has a circumference of approx. 56cm, but the size can be slightly adjusted by the amount of the veils and cloth worn underneath.

The matching veil from the "Lenora" series can be found here.

Material: cotton
Head circumference: 
S = 54cm
M = 56cm
L = 58cm
XL = 60cm
XXL = 62cm 
Colour: cream

€7.90 *

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