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Leg wraps fur New Zealand Red rabbit

The real fur leg wraps by "Falkenwacht" will warm you during your cold nights on guard duty and when visiting a medieval fair on cool days. They are pulled over your existing legwear and feature a lacing with which the size and fit can be individually adapted to the wearer.

All articles of the Leipzig-based manufactory "Falkenwacht" are 100% made in Germany. The skins come from certified breeders in Europe or are taken from the wild. No skins from factory farming are used.

Material: real rabbit fur
Length: approx. 60cm
Width: approx. 40cm (top), 20cm (bottom)
Size: Unisize
Colour/Rabbit breed: New Zealand Red rabbit

Real fur is a natural product. Colours and dimensions may vary.

€59.90 *

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