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Wolfram chausses linen brown

Who does not know "Oetzi", the world famous stone-age hunter? He was wearing the oldest known wearer of the "seperate-hose" or chausses. They are considered to be the predecessor of the pants, but this is only partially right. Modern historians see both leg dresses in a coexistence for a long time, but in different cultural areas.

The medieval ages in Europe saw the seperate-hose as the most dominant leg wear. It was attached to the breeches with laces - the second part of the "hose" and not more than an underwear for men. In late medieval times it was directly tied to the jerkin. The "seperate-hose" was worn in various cuts and colours and made from various materials - and it was worn by all classes. One of the first pieces of clothing to be "hip" in a certain period.

It is advised to wear linen seperate-hoses on warmer days. The smooth linen fabric cools the wearers skin very pleasant. The cotton percentage absorbs moisture by leading it away from the body and drying in the breeze.

We offer the matching breeches to the seperate-hose, of course.

Material: 50% linen, 50% cotton
Sizes: S to XXL
Colours: brown

€29.90 *

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