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Gadaric tunic canvas black

Tunic "Gadaric" is the basis of most medieval costumes. It is slightly flared down and slotted at the front and back for extra legroom.

The tunic was not only worn by romans in the ancient world, but was a favorited piece of clothing even in the high and late medieval period in Europe. It has been a basic piece of undergarment for men and women and constantly changed its appearance due to modern cuts and sewing techniques.

Our \\"Gadaric\\" tunic is used as a basis for most medieval costumes. The bottom widens slightly and has a central cut in the front and back to allow better movement of the legs. The wide cut sleeves will let you move your arms unhindered when dancing of fighting.

Worn as an undergarment (under any Gambeson from our range), it will keep you cool, yet warm enough and drains off humidity from the wearers body.

\\"Buckle up\\" this tunic with any of our ranges belts to wear it as an overgarment. This will have you wearing a costume for itself. Combine it with a pair of pants and a belt bag and have a basic character dressed for adventures or your next visit on the medieval fair.

Material: 100% Cotton
Sizes: XS to XXXL

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