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Martin boot

The oldest evidence of boots was found on murals in the Spanish cave of Altamira. They are dated from 13,000 to 15,000 BC. Boots protect the foot and calves from cold and injuries. They were and still are indispensable for outdoor activities or in bad weather. Primeval hunters, knights, adventurers or pirates they all wear boots – for good reason!

The turndown boots "Martin" are made of soft synthetic leather. This makes them insensitive to moisture and almost rain-proof. The sole boasts an additional seam. You do not have to worry about soaked shoes and wet feet. These boots' cuffs are designed in the shape of battlements.

The light lining made of high-quality foam keeps the feet warm even during wet nights. The heels and the boot tips have also been reinforced.

The "Martin" boots are costume boots. They are not designed for permanent use outdoors.

Material: synthetic leather, plastic
Sizes: 38 to 47
Colours: brown & black

€59.90 *

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