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Standard Canvas

This war standard is made from canvas. The colors are applied squared and match historical designs. We recommend to embroider the standard with your crest or to decorate it with our range of Patches.

If your desired combination of colors is not available or you´re looking for a custom standard, please contact us at support@mytholon.com.

Material: heavy cotton
Length: 160cm, width: 75cm, max. diameter for the loop: 8cm
Delivered without mounting
€19.90 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs


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Anton tabard Anton tabard Anton tabard
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Ignaz tabard Ignaz tabard Ignaz tabard
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Eagle patch Eagle patch Eagle patch
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Scroll patch Scroll patch Scroll patch
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Martin boot Martin boot Martin boot
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Griffin patch Griffin patch Griffin patch
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Joerg doublet Joerg doublet Joerg doublet
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