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Carl crusader tabard

The "Carl" crusaders tabard is great for medieval fairs and markets. Rough fabric in an extravagant production make every costume look far better when combined with this piece.
This tabard is lined with a soft cotton and has a tieing on its neck and sides, so it can be fitted to almost every wearer.

The "Carl" crusaders tabard is available in 3 variations:
- The Templar tabard is held in a natural colour and has the red cross of the "Order of the Knights Templar" stitched on its chest.
- The Teutonic Order tabard is also natural coloured, but ornated with the black cross of the "Teutonic Order"
- The Hospitaller tabard is black with the white cross of the "Knights Hospitaller Order".

Material: canvas
Sizes: S/M and L/XL

€39.90 *

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