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Annabelle bodice black

Discontinued item, only while stocks last

The bodice developed very late into the sexy undergarment we know today. It was favorably worn by women in all social classes as everyday clothing for many centuries. The light under-bust bodice from our "Annabelle" series is worn on top of a blouse and punctuates the female body shape. The wide straps provide a good comfort when wearing it. The lacing in the front allows an individual adjustment to the body.

Made from heavy-duty canvas, this bodice can be used for a wide variety of costumes, be it the cheeky barmaid or the flirtatious adventurer. It looks best, when combined with the "Annabelle" blouse or any other blouse from our stock. Feel invited to browse through our offers...

It differs from the "Anna" bodice by a slightly changed shoulder cut to enhance the fitting.

Material: canvas 
Sizes: S to XXL

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