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LARP or padded weapons are made of foams, fiberglass and various paints and sometimes natural latex.

On a glass fiber rod, which stabilizes the foam weapon, a body of foam is applied, which forms the shape of the weapon to be displayed. This can be done by sticking individual foam layers together or by foaming plastic in a mold.

The coloring protective layer forms a highly flexible paint or traditionally a coating of dyed latex. Handles are often provided with windings made of suede or smooth leather.



Possible combinations:

We try to make our sword holders and sheaths fit most weapon types. Axes can be carried well in ring holders. If you are unsure as to whether the sword to buy or existing fits into a specific sword holder, simply call our customer support on the international number 0049 40 35 71 51 31.



Foam weapons are more or less handmade. Manufacturers, such as the Canadian company "Calimacil", make their weapons in a very technical process, others, such as "Forgotten Dreams Design", in traditional handicraft. With the "Battle Standard" weapons manufactured by us, we go a middle way of innovative technology and handcrafted skill. Like us, every manufacturer strives to produce his cushioning weapons with maximum durability. An unwanted escape of the glass fiber rod at the weapon tip not only leads to the destruction of the upholstery weapon, but is also a significant security risk. Therefore, all manufacturers, including us, use different safety components to prevent this.




We recommend to use silicone oil or talcum powder for the care of the weapons. A combination of both should be avoided because powder and oil together form unsightly stains.

Care techniques:

Foam weapons should never be exposed to excessive heat. Foams can deform and splices lose their adhesion. If the padded weapon is coated with latex, it should not be stored for long periods in a damp environment. Latex is an organic material and can decompose in warm, humid climates. Colloquially one speaks here of the "Latexpest" or "latex cancer". This is indicated by hardened areas on the surface, which gradually break up and become a greasy, sticky mass. These decomposition products can cause the same decay in other latex weapons, hence the term "pest / cancer".

Once it has come this far, only a complete renewal of the latex layer will help.

Padded weapons with inorganic coatings, such as our "Battle Standard" weapons, are insensitive.

For care you should keep the foam weapon clean and dry. If the surface of the foam weapon feels dull and rough, apply silicone oil with a soft cloth. We recommend this especially before prolonged storage. Please do not store your LARP weapon in a scabbard or a sword holder. The leather of the scabbard can stick under unfavorable circumstances with the paint of the blade. It is best to place a foam weapon on the handle in a uniformly tempered, dry place, without direct sunlight. With regular care and responsible use, it will last for a long time.