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Our Mytholon leather armour is made from various materials:

Upper leather:
We use this leather for most of our armours and accessories, shoes and bags. It is soft and smooth, jet durable enough to withstand the stress armour and bags are used with. The upper leather from our producer "Fucina del Drago" as hardened additionally. As with all leather hides, they are a natural product and can vary in shape, colour and texture. We try to find the best possible hides for all our products, but will have to rely on mother nature at times.
Upper leather is dyed throughout and will keep its colour, even when there is scratches on the outer surface.

Split leather:
Split leather is a tanned product of ours and is split from the middle part of the cattles' hide. The surface is sealed with a special dying and lots and lots of pressure. Split leather is an inexpensive variation for armours and leather products, which is stable, jet low in costs. We do have some leather series, which are exclusively made from split leather. To offer articles for a really low price, we carry armour, sword holders, belts and belt holders, but also bracers and greaves from this material.

Suede is the lower layer of cattle hide. This material is mainly used for clothing and accessories. Some few armours and gambesons are made from suede.



Leather armour looks really great when combined with chainmail. Some of our products allow the sleeves or tassets to be removed. A few of our torso armours can be used to strap plate metal spaulders to them. Please check the detailed info for each article or contact our support team.

The armour parts made from split leather are all sanded and sealed on the edges. Hard and pointy edges will otherwise scratch and cut your skin.
We do seam some of our leather armours with suede leather - this way you will have a nice looking edge; not only looking great and providing some detail to the homogenic surface of leather, but also protecting the leather itself from wearing out.



Use leather grease and Ballistol spray from the can for those hard-to-reach-places on your armour. Suede should always be brushed off dry and be waterproofed afterwards.

Wipe of dried remains of dirt with a moist cloth and let the leather dry completly before greasing it afterwards.
When stored in humid conditions, leather tends to mold quite fast. You can always wipe the mold off and grease the leather to revive it. If the mold is too hard, you should use leather soap. This cleans the leather much better and deeper and will clean all the unwanted dirt off. After the use, the leather should always be re-greased to keep the materials properties.
We advise to maintain the leather after every use in the field to keep the leathers breathing ability available at all times. Uveruse of leather grease will cause the clogging of the pores; you should always apply the grease in moderate amounts.


Leather armour is often seen worn by light armoured warriors, adventurers and on costumes, where martial looks are unimportant. When combined with chainmail or single plate armour parts, they will quickly become a "bastard-armour": mixed from several different armour types. Battlemages seem to grab leather armour more often, as the game does not allow plate armour to be worn by them. You should check out our gallery and see some examples of leather armoured costumes.

Our leather armours were made for LARP purposes only. As there are no official safety regulations, there is little we can rely on concerning the usability of leather armours.
All our customers should be aware, that using leather armours in stage combat fighting is a choice of yourself - you should know, that you could (and probablöy will) get hurt.