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My first Camp



The Camp life on a LARP or a medieval campsite is a wonderful opportunity to escape everyday life for a short time to slow down and meet new people. If you have never been on such an event, you may have many questions bevore starting this great adventure. The following article is intended to give you a few basics how to plan and organize your first camp.



The weather

A camp will take place outside! At first this sounds silly, but you should be aware that there will be just a tentwall between you and Mother Nature for a whole weekend.

Therefore the most important advice first: Adjust your equipment always to the weather! Weather reports and the monitoring of temperature and precipitation, in the region of the event, let you estimate how the conditions will be when you are there. You can also ask the organizers shortly before the event, about the lokal weather conditions. It can be interesting, especially after long periods of rain, whether your camp will take place on a muddy meadow. You must always bear in mind, that only what you have brought will be available for you on the event. Plan carefully in advance, what is needed to make you feel comfortable for a weekend in the wild. Nobody likes a freezing cold night, after which you might want to return to home sweet home.


The Journey to the Event

most events are easy to reach by car. A traveling with public transport is sometimes more difficult. It is recommended that you obtain the information from the organizer whether there is a shuttle service from the nearest train station. In the run-up to a LARP often carpooling is organized via social networks.


Your own tent

Although you can often find good offers or affordable used tents, a LARP suitable tent is an expensive piece of equipment for a beginner. It also brings some logistical problems, because it wants to be dried, stored and of course transported to the event. The small, colourful igloo tents from the outdoorstores are usually not seen on such an event and actually only an option to try out the hobby. You can try to hide a modern tent with a camouflage net or something similar in order not to disturb the overall ambience. The respective organizer will help you with tips.

Spacious tents made of natural materials, with an average floor area of 16m ² are almost standard on LARPs and offer comfortably space for two to three persons plus equipment. There are many different models and sizes from which you can choose and which tent is the right one for you depends on many factors. With how many people should it be used with? Does it fit in the car or maybe the tentpoles are too long? How complicated will be the errection? If you think about what you expect from a tent and what is not so important to you, you have a basic idea of which model to suit you.


The campground

If you have your own tent, you have a lot of freedom but also some responsibility. The choice of the campsite is crucial. If you are looking for contact and connection to the life and events in a camp, you should rather pitch your tent at the main paths or near taverns or meeting places. If you like it a bit quieter, a campground on the edge of the camp is recommended.

You should make shure, that you don't are blocking paths with your tent lines. You should also keep the spaces to your neighbor's tent as close as possible. This saves place, and it ensures that there are no small paths between the tents, which could be used by careless teammates, stumbleing over your tent lines. Take a good look how your tent lines are set up and, if necessary, mark them with small glow sticks.

It is also advisable to adjust the setup of your tent to the weather conditions. When the weather is rainy, be careful not to build your tent at the foot of a slope or into a hollow. A floor cover should never protrude out of the tent and sometimes it may be necessary to draw a small drainage ditch around the tent. But please do not lead the rainwater into the tent of your neighbour.


The catering

On some events you can book a basic catering with breakfast and a hot meal, others even offer sumptuous buffets and feasts. Usually however, you have to organize your own meals. Although the taverns often offer small snacks, it is difficult to cater youreself just with them. In addition to cold lunch with bread, cheese and sausage, you may want to prepare a warm meal over the campfire. This wonderful way of cooking makes up a large part of the ambiance and the special experience of camp life. However, you can't just push a few stones together and start a crackling cooking fire. At almost all events in Germany you need a fire bowl. By the way, a fire should never remain unobserved and a common fire watch is always an opportunity for nice role-playing.

With a well-placed fire bowl and a tripod, on which a grill or pot is attached, you can prepare wonderful meals.


What else do I need?

In addition to your costume and the equipment you need to represent your character, you should not forget things of your everyday needs. Modern functional underwear and high-quality trekking socks keep the fun even in bad weather. Since no one will discover this little modernity, you should not refrain from such a thing due to false pride. If you do not want to use modern synthetic textiles, you can combine the properties of natural materials in such a way that they complement each other optimally in the function. Wool fabrics warm even in humid conditions and protect against wind. Therefore, they should always be worn as the top layer. Cotton absorbs moisture and forwards it to the outside, which makes it interesting for a undergarment. In conjunction with linen, this effect is still increasing. The sweat is carried away from the body and the temperature remains pleasant. You can find a more detailed description of the textiles we use for our garments as well as their function and application possibilities here on our website.


Cutlery and utensils should be available, unless this is provided by the organizer. Here, too, the principle is, that you contribute to the ambiance of the entire camp with all the details. Modern camping utensils or plastic cutlery should stay at home, as convenient as they may be. There are many stainless steel cutlery sets that have a wrought iron, ancient character. These work just as well as the local cutlery and are very easy to care for. Tableware should be made of wood or ceramics. Knives, cooking spoons, pots, pans and breakfast boards, a whole kitchen equipment can be found in a medieval look and contributes significantly to the ambiance of a camp at the event.


Lighting up a camp is not always easy, because you have to find a compromise between atmospheric light, light intensity and safety. Too bright, artificial light destroys the game atmosphere at night very quickly, so you should refrain from bright LED spotlights. Torches can be placed at strategic points in the terrain, but far enough away from tents to be no fire hazard. These are mostly fired with petroleum. Be aware of the danger of forest fires too! Closed lanterns are a good compromise, because they make a bright, pleasant light with the best possible safety. Especially in case of drought, you should be informed by the organizer whether special rules of conduct apply to the handling of open fire.

In a tent you should refrain entirely from oil lamps and candles. Here you can use LED candles, which are already surprisingly similar to real candles.



On a LARP event or a medieval camp you want to spend your free time and have fun. A good social togetherness is a precondition. In spite of all the joy of playing, you should pay attention to noice and volume at a certain time. There is seldom an official night's sleep, but you should always take into account that your neighbors might want to sleep in later hours.


Rubbish should be avoided where if possible and best be taken back home. If you can leave your trash at the event, it is often carefully separated. Please follow the organizer's note. Rubbish can be an expensive and annoying problem at the end of a nice weekend. Help to avoid this.


Toilets are actually always available. However, it is advisable to have your own toilet paper at least, sometimes shortages may occur. Disinfectants as a spray or as a wiping cloth are also recommended. Be aware, that many people often use few sanitary facilities at the same time and adapt your equipment according to your hygiene needs.


Try to let as few modern objects lie openly visible around as possible. In one of our next editions we will show what possibilities there are to hide, camouflage and still use modern utensils.


The whole experience of your stay in such a camp is shaped by the many small details that each participant has devised, brought and implemented. It is a mosaic of many creative ideas that at the end result in a great experience. The more you contribute to this construct, the more you will get back from it, in the form of fun, relaxation and many irretrievable moments that you will think back for a long time. We wish you to enjoy your first adventure.




From Samhain to Halloween


What is Samhain and why has it been (and is still) celebrated?

Samhain is an old celtic festivity, which is surrounded by myths and legends of death and otherworldly ghosts that roam the earth that very night. It is said, that during that night the veil between our world and the world of the dead is very thin and therefore the people light up bonfires and dress up as monsters to chase the ghosts away. In many celtic legends horrible things happen in that night, heroes die and brutal battles take place.

There were several other cultures that had similar traditions and stories about that time of the year and either celebrated or feared the dead. Wether or not Halloween originated from the celtic Samhain can't be fully claryfied. There are authors and scientists who say it's true and some who say it didn't.


What is Halloween? 

Halloween (short for: „all Hallows eve“ which is celebrated in the night from the 31st of October to the 1st of November) is a festivity that has it's roots mostly in the catholic part of Ireland. It's been celebrated in the night before the christian holiday „Allhallows“ and people had several tradtitions such as lighting bonfires, just as on Samhain.

A direct transition from Samhain to Halloween is hard to verify because there are no clear records. But it is assumed by many that „Allhallows“ should cover up the heathen traditions and therefore eliminate them. In the 19th century the halloween traditions have been brought to North America by irish emigrants where they have been adapted, mostly by citizens of the USA and Canada.

The term „Jack o' Lantern“, by the way, descended from a tale from Ireland. A man named Jack Oldfield tricked the devil, trapped him and promised to set him free, if the devil leaves him alone forever. The devil agreed and after Jack's death he couldn't be taken to hell, but neither could he go to heaven, because he lived the life of a criminal. To solve this problem the devil gave Jack a carved beet with a glowing piece of coal to light his way through the darkness of death. The carved beet later changed into the famous pumpkin which is still favoured.


Another tradition is that children walk from house to house and yell „trick or treat!“ to the neighbours to hopefully get some sweets from them. If the kids don't get any goodies, they might be playing a „trick“ like throwing eggs at the house to take revenge. Unfortunatley there have been cases, where houses have been damaged quite badly or even been lit on fire.

Many adults, that feel too old for trick-or-treating, take part in halloween-parties, that are celebrated during that time. There are some typical costumes that are very popular like vampires, zombies, ghosts and witches.

The Mytholon Team wishes you a lot of fun, no matter if you celebrate one variant of this festivity or not.






Last year on halloween we had a spooky scarecrow in our store for you to admire. This year we have two new creatures and we'd like to introduce all of them.

 Oswald Scarecrow



One rainy day someone knocked on the door of our staff department. It sounded kind of unusual and wooden. Surprised by the unannounced visit we told him to come in and almost fell off our office chair if it didn't have a backrest, because in the door frame stood a scarecrow that was two metres tall.

We expected the worst: nightmares that came true or scenes of a horror movie. Instead we heard a raspy but friendly „Hello. My Name is Oswald and I'd like to apply for a job“. He handed us some documents which we took still in awe. Minutes later we had a conversation and he told us his story.

Oswald worked on the farm of farmer Jacob for numerous years to have an eye on the crop. Year after year he endured the torrid sun, heavy rain, autumn storms and winter blizzards. And it has still been his passion. But after some time he had the feeling that his work isn't appreciated that much anymore. Farmer Jacob didn't buy him any new working clothes so he started to look more and more shabby. Plus there was a local gang of crows that caused him some trouble and a salary increase wasn't in sight either.

That's why Oswald decided to quit his former job and search for something new. Has Oswald found his luck and what is his task in our company? you can find out in our store near Hamburg or on Instagram.


Finn pumpkinhead





Since Oswald works for us it happens quite often that strange creatures visit us in our store. On a rainy Monday for example a little leprechaun appeared rigth beside a colleague and scared him to death. Although we made clear that our Larp coins aren't made of real gold he nonetheless glanced at the small wooden chest all the time.

Rumours spread that we like to help out poor phantastic creatures and soon Finn appeared. He told us that his life began as a normal halloween pumpkin.

An elderly lady carved him to put him on the terrace of her samll cottage in the countryside. But she did not do that not to decorate her house or chase away evil ghosts. No, she was a churlish old woman who wanted to keep away children from her house that wanted to go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. On one halloween evening a little girl that didn't fear the pumpkin came by and asked for sweets but she was chased away by the horrid old woman. The little girl, sad and a little angry, looked into the evening sky and made the wish that she could pay back the grief somehow. Later that evening when the girl was home again and wanted to go to bed she heard something knocking on her window. When she opened it she saw the pumpkin she's seen earlier on the terrace of the old lady, except that it had grown legs and arms and put on some makeshift clothes. He suddenly started talkin to her and said: „Hello my dear. I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world. A few hours ago I have been a lifeless pumpkin that was forced to frighten harmless children, but now I can correct that.“

With these words he placed some candies onto her windowsill. „I got these from the house of the old lady. She probably won't ever notice that they are missing. Good afternoon!“. And then he vanished into the darkness.

Many years later in which he stole tons of sweets and gave them to children he was searching for a new task. And thus he is now a part of the Mytholon Team.


White Lady Marjenna




Three men in worn out, dirty clothes sat around a bonfire at evening. Next to them there were several pickaxes, ploughs and shovels and their shoes were covered in dried mud.

„We clearly deserve this evening, the harvest is pretty good this year.“, said one of them. „Evenings like that always remind me of the stories my grandma told me all the time, of the white ghost-ladys that haunt you at night.“, said the second. The third just kept silent after this comment and looked at the cup in his hands.

„What is it Dejan? Are you afraid that Marjenna comes back and haunts you?“, the first one said while laughing loudly. Dejan glanced at him grimly and replied: „No way, I've alsways been good to Marjenna, haven't I? So why should she come back?“

„Calm down Dejan, Jaro just tried to be funny.“, said the second one. The group went silent for a while and the fire started to burn down already. „We should go back, the sun is setting and we have another day of hard work ahead.“, said the second one after a while. Thus they extinguished the fire, shouldered their tools and headed home while it was getting dark.

In the middle of the night Dejan woke up because he heard noise coming from the kitchen. It almost sounded like someone was putting dishes away. Silently he pulled away the blanket and sneaked into the direction of the noise. When he arrived the doorsill he froze in the movement and couldn't say a word. Right in front of him, though a little more pale but still beautiful as always, he saw his beloved Marjenna standing (well... floating). She seemed to notice him because she turned around, smiled at him and said: „Dejan my love, I knew you wouldN#t be able ti live without me. I mean, look at the kitchen! It looks horrible. There are crumbs of bread everywhere and you didn't clean your dishes eiter. How is work going? And how is my sister?“. Dejan still stood there in awe and wasn't able to say anything. Finally, he managed to say: „umm... how?“.

Marjenna sighed „Hmm... well. Let's clean up first I'd say.“

That' show it was going a few days, though for Dejan it felt like endless weeks. He was happy to see his Marjenna again, but he couldn't be together with a ghost, could he? And then there was this ongoing nagging.

After a while both realised that they couldn't go on like this and so they decided to say goodbye. Since Marjenna didn't want to go to the otherworld („It's so boring there“, she said) she had to search for something else. After years of searching Marjenna started to look more and more like the scary white ladys from the fairytales which made it even harder to find a purpose. But then she had an idea: people like scary halloween decorations so what could be better than a real, live (well... dead) ghost?

And so we also invited Marjenna to be part of our Team.


A little warning when you want to visit our store: she likes to pass trough walls. So please don't be scared if she suddenly appears beside you.


We hope that you liked these little stories. Feel free to take pictures of our new showroom in which these figures are displayed (but please do not touch them). You can also tag us on instagram (@mytholon_store) if you want. We are looking forward to it.


The Mytholon Team wishes you a beautiful autumn.  





An elderly man with eye patch, peg leg and tricorne enters a dark, smokey tavern. He orders a barrel of rum for himself and his crew. They want to celebrate their latest raid and their ship is waiting in the harbour with a jolly roger at the mast (the typical skull with two crossed bones underneath). They're unfriendly, cruel and most of them evil and the „Arr!“ is elemental.

That's the image most of us have in mind when thinking about pirates.

Pirates are (not least because of a famous movie series) very popular in the larping scene and on medieval festivals.

But what lies behind this mythical image?


What is a pirate at all?

Piracy is actually a term for crimes comitted at sea in general. There where pirates in several centuries and different cultures. There still are groups of people who attack ships, steal their load and kidnap people.

The typical image we have in mind was formed by the „golden era of piracy“ between the 16th and 18th century in the carribean sea. There's a difference between pirates, who illegaly raided ships of whoever came by and freebooters, who have been tolerated by their government or even been authorized by them. During the colonialisation of the Americas, especially the british, french and dutch Empire tried to interfere in the spanish trade. For that manner freebooters like the „Buccanneers“ (english) or „Fliebustier“ (french) raided ships with the permission of their kingdom.

Later, when the relationship between the countries cooled down, the freebooters have been dismissed and had to live their lives as outlaws.

Over the time there were a few well known pirates who made a name for themselves. There was Edward Low for example (who was said to be extra cruel to the people of the opposing crew) and also William Dampere and Blackbeard.

There have also been a lot of female pirates in all of history.

Like Jeanne-Louise Belleville who lived a while before the „golden era“. She swore revenge to the french crown, because her husband has been executed. She bought a ship, hired a crew and hunted down ships of the kingdom. Later she flew to england where she found asylum for a few years.

Mary Read dressed up as a man and took a dutch slave-ship to america, where she met Anne Bonny.






So take a few true events, some legends and exaggerated stories then add the fashion of that time and a little bit of hollywood and ready is the image of pirates many of us know.





Mytholon Store Advent Calendar 2016


It's the time of the year again! When you get WHAMed on the radio, supermarkets are invaded by chocolate Santas and loving parents, turn into wild animals while giftshopping.

To help you to get through these rough times, we have got a big advent raffle for you.


From the 01.12.2016 to the 24.12.2016 you are able to win one out of 24 surprises with a total value of 440€. All you have to do is to fill out the ticket in our store in Barsbüttel (near Hamburg) and hand it to our staff.

The winners will be contacted every monday and on Christmas Eve.

The raffle is free.


You can get any further information and the terms of participation from our staff.


And while you are in our store, why don't you buy your Christmas gifts as well?


Good luck,


Your Mytholon Team





It is done!

Our new onlineshop is finally online. We had to climb some peaks to present a decent result, but check for yourself. Many diligent hands were at work here in the Mytholon office in order to present you a more friendly and comfortable shopping experience.

New functions await to be tried out. The "compare" function allows to check five articles you are currently looking at. Ideal when looking for a costume and not being certain, which one it will be in the end.

The search function was improved, we present a watchlist and many features more. Log in and browse through the new shop, check the new options, pictures and much more.

Have fun browsing!
Yours Mytholon Team




 20 years of Mytholon!

20 years ago, it was April 23rd 1996, everything started inside a 16 sqm shop. We pass the first small shops' window on our way home today, comparing it to todays large warehouse wit attached office rooms.

The beginning started off with a different name, but already specialized in tabletop and LARP. First steps towards todays business were made.

We look back on years full of great experiences, a time of starting with old collegues and, of course, with you - our customers. We'd like to thank all of you for all those years, we had together: for all those ideas, encouragements and your fantasy, which made all of this possible.

A little older and grown up, we look toward the future. The company grew within the last few years; looking at all those obstacles we overcame and the future we march towards to. We will walk new paths together: we'll accompany you on your events, surprise you with new articles and will continue selling hobby items, granting all of you fun in your free time.

Lets create new worlds together!