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Plate Armor


Our steel plate armour is made from 1mm to 1.2 mm mild steel. They are painted black on the left side to be protected against rust. The movable parts are held together with leather straps (3mm thick) and full metal rivets.

Browned plate armour:

The browned (almost black) surface is the result of an electrochemical treatment, which protects the metal from rusting. When scratched or rusted hard, the surface will loose its rust proof properties. Those scratched areas can be re-browned (with a "gun-blue" solution from your local arms dealer) or covered with a marker carefully.




Our plate armours were designed to fit each other. Almost all spaulders can be combined with the gorgets or torso armours from our range. Full arm guards can be fastened to most of our spaulders. The full leg guards can be worn with "short" greaves, meaning: those, with no knee parts attached. If you want to make sure that your desired pieces fit each other - send our support a short email or call. They will help you out with any questions.

We suggest to always wear a gambeson underneath any plate armour. The comfort of the armour itself is maximized by the padding of the jacket. Wear padding underneath bracers and greaves, just as well as a padded coif underneath any helmet. Not only does this minimize a rubbing and scratching of the straps on your skin, it also adds some more protection to you when getting hit too hard or falling over in a battle.


All Mytholon plate armour parts are made along the old "Hammerkunst tradition": all edges are completly beaded and sanded round afterwards. The edge is being folded and therefore doubled in diameter. This minimizes the possibility to hurt yourself and the foam weapons hitting you.



Plate armour should always be treated with WD40, Ballistol or a compareable product. Surface rust can easily be wiped off, tougher rust should be treated with steel wool or, in the worst case, with a steel brush. If the metal part is covered in rust, black spots are inevitable, which can not be polished away anymore. Rust on browned armour can not be removed without scratching the surface and polishing away the browning. Those spots can be re-browned by using a chemical browning solution from your local arms dealer or fishing shop.

Before storing away armour for a longer period of time, you should cover it in oil and put it away in a box or cloth bag. Moist cellars are only suitable in limited extends for the storage of metal armour. Wrap your armour in oil drenched cloth to have a decent protection of your armour.

Take precautions to not drop your armour on the gras over night: this leads to a accelerated rusting. Store it away in a box or put it on a waterproof mat. We suggest to wipe the armour every night (when taking it off) with an oily cloth. When returning home from an event, you should clean it from dirt, check for any damages and oil it properly. Do not forget to grease the leather straps with a leather care product from time to time. Some metal oils tend to corrode the leather and dry it out.




Mytholon plate armour is especially designed for the use on LARP events. All edges are beaded and sanded, they provide good comfort and allow a decent movability, even if worn for longer periods of time. When combined with a gambeson underneath, they are really comfortable to wear. The first LARP plate armours were designed by Hammerkunst and this tradition is continued by Mytholon until today.

Stage fight:

Stage fighters equipment should set the focus on protecting the most vital parts (head, hands, joints and genitals) first and cover it with hard plates and a decent padding underneath. The armour should not impair the wearers movements too much and stay on the desired spot.

We are very careful with the expression "suitable for stage fight" for our armours, as there is no official set of rules available and binding for everyone. Please inform yourself at the organizers of your event to find out, what set of rules apply to stage fighting protection and what the exact requirements for armour are. We like to point out, that the use of our armour at stage fighting events with steel weapons is on ones own risk.

Medieval fairs and markets:

Our armours are often worn as costumes on medieval markets by many customers. The armour pieces expand your costume and are comfortable to wear, because they are made for everyday use and are measured to an "average" body. This is not matter of course.




Some of our helmets come in two sizes (small/large). We suggest to wear a "small" helmet with a heads circumference of 56 cm to 58 cm. The "large" size is suitable for heads with a circumference of 59 cm to 62 cm.

Standard equipment:

Mytholons helmets are always equipped with a foam padding, which is covered with cotton fabric. They are closed with a chin strap, provided with a browned buckle. The padding is glued to the inner helmet, but can be removed easily to be worn with a padded coif or/and a chainmail coif.

Helmets made my Mytholon show the material thickness and weight for LARP purposes and were not built for stage fighting. We specifically like to point out, that the use of our helmets in stage fighting is on the owners discretion.