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Dragomir armor set browned medium

The plate armor "Dragomir" is incredibly elaborate. It consists of a large number of finely formed elements, which combine to create an extraordinary armor that can hardly be more moveble. Each part of Dragomir is carefully formed and decorated with beadings. They impress with design and the masterful execution that makes this armor so unique.
If you like it less decorated and want to save some money, you might be interested in "Dragomirs" brother "Rikomer". Technically the same, "Rikomer" spares the beadings in favor of a more brutal look and a better price.

Armours like these are usually only made to measure and we had to work hard until we could get them ready for mass production. Of course, the fit needs to be and can be optimized here and there by careful bending, but we have designed the armor so that it can be fielded with maximum comfort.

Basically, we recommend wearing a gambeson under plate armor; Comfort and protective effect are significantly improved

Material: steel, leather

Chest circumference: approx. 120 cm to approx. 142 cm
Length: 64 cm
Neckline: 20 cm
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