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Anite buckle

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Información sobre el producto "Anite buckle"

This double buckle with pin is used on all attachments, that need the rest of the rim fixated, for example on armours. This item is sold in single pieces.

Material: Brass
Length: 4,3cm
Width: 2,5cm
max. rim width: 14mm

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Dual buckle flowers
This massive brass buckle with flower decoration can be used for crafting and repairs. We recommend a belt width of ~ 2 cm. Material: brassDimensions:Length: 4 cmWidth: 2.8 cm

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Gold Quality leather grease
Leather is a very versatile material with lots of different properties. Shoes, accessories and armour can last, if maintained propperly, for many years. The "Gold Qualities" leather greases effectiveness is defined by its high percentage of bees wax - this is another reason for it cleaning your leather so good. It penetrates depply into the leather and seals it from dirt and moisture. Rub it gently into the leather by using a soft brush or cloth. After a short residence time the excessive grease is brushed off - appling too much grease will result in a saturation; the superfluent grease can be wiped off. Your leather product will let you know when you apply too much: we suggest to apply less grease, but more often. Not only leather can be taken care off with this grease, we suggest to clean steel armours light rust or polish drinking horns with it. Wooden articles profit from its bees wax ingredients as well. They will be protected effectively and recieve a new shine. Material: vaseline, bone marrow oil, genuine bees wax Colour: natural Volume: 190 ml  

7,90 €*
Ballistol spray
THE universal spray made by the Ballistol company. Can be used for metal, just as well as leather and various other materials. A well known care product for animals paws and fur; a true allrounder, completly untoxic. We advise it for metal armour care and protection of leather armours.The practical 50ml spray can for your journeys, or the large 200ml spray can for your home.Please read the containers warnings section.Can not be exported outside the EU due to EU-law.

3,90 €*
Tasso buckles
A pair of stable brass buckles with pin to use on a belt, armour or for other attachments. This item is sold in pairs. Material: BrassLength: 22mmWidth: 18mmmax. rim width: 8mm

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Eberla buckle brass
"Eberla" is a rectangular buckle as it was common in the Renaissance. It is cast by hand from brass and is suitable for belts up to 20 mm wide.Material: brassWidth: 35mm

4,90 €*

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Halfson belt tongue braided
Cast from fine bronze and carefully polished, the strap end "Halsfon" retains its original early medieval look. Suitable for all belts with a width of 1.5 cm to 2 cm. Pins for riveting are not included, but you can find them under accessories. It may be necessary to adjust the holes in the belt tongue slightly. Material: Bronze length 7,5 cm width 1,5 cm

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Ringfibel flower
A classic ring brooch with flower decorations. Material: bronzeDiameter: 32mm

4,99 €* 11,90 €* (ahorro del 58.07%)
Leather strap brown
Our leather straps are cut from robust cowhide and are available in many lengths, widths and colours. Build your own belt and decorate it with our many buckles and fittings!Material: upper leather Lenghts: 135cm & 170cmWidths: 2cm-5cm

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Ortwin Armor Antique
This armor set consists of a chest plate, a back plate, a plate collar, spaulders, arm guards and tassets. The torso is closed at the sides with straps, so that the width can be comfortably adjusted. The generous cutouts on the arms allow one high flexibility, while a flexible two-segment abdominal tire supports the wearer's lower torso protects. The rivets emphasize the forms of the armor and are a nice detail. The included collar comes with straps on the shoulders and two leather straps attached in the chest area. On the belly ring there are two straps on which the leg pockets can be attached. The shoulder plates are also attached to the breastplate with straps. Material: steel, leather Torso:Length of the torso armor: 48 cmChest width: 62 cm Collar:Length of the collar: 16 cmWidth of the collar: 34 cm Shoulder:Length: 34 cmShoulder circumference: 44 cm Arms:Length: 50 cmCircumference: 45 cm Tasset:Length: 28 cmWidth: 27 cm

509,90 €*
Markward tassets
The tassets "Marward" are made of two segments, which are attached to a wide armour belt. Together they result in a movable and very effective abdomen protection. A wide leather lip forms the conclusion to the upper body and closes the gap between the tassets and a breast plate. Like all armour parts of the "Markwart" series, the tassets are simple and very functional. This armour system made of tassets and belt can be worn without aTorsoarmour and is closed with two straps on the back. It can be combined with all imaginable armour from our assortment and is suitable for many different armament concepts.   Material: 1, 2mm steel Length: 55 cm Weight: 2.4 kg Colour: blank, browned

79,90 €*