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Combat throwing axe

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Información sobre el producto "Combat throwing axe"

The throwing axe "Combat" by the Canadian foam weapon manufactury Calimacil is made of tear-resistant special foam and almost indestructible. Since no core rod was used in making the axe blade, it is ideal for safe usage as a throwing weapon in LARP.

Total length: 42cm
Handle length: 25cm
Weight: 200g
Material: Calimacil foam, fibre glass

All articles of the manufacturer "Calimacil" are handmade in a small manufactory in Canada. We try to keep all items in stock at all times, but unfortunately we may wait up to 10 weeks for items that are out of stock. Disclaimer: All the articles shown here have been specially developed for the safe representation of fights in LARP, on theatre stages or similar. The foam weapons consist of a glass fibre core, which is completely wrapped with soft foam to avoid injury.

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Butcher Cleaver
The cleaver was made for a simple task: chop meat. It's classic straight and heavy blade is steel-colored and features a soft spike to help with kitchenwork... or with pesky adventurers. Its handle has a rich wooden texture with tarnished gold details. Made of our unique Calimacil foam, this cleaver will remain safe even after years of use, and its realism makes it a perfect piece for historical reenactment as well as LARP. Material: Calimacil foam, fibreglasTotal Length: 42 cmGrip length: 9 cmWeight: 200 g

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Cretzer Katzbalger
The "Cretzer" Katzbalger mady by Calimacil in Canada is a short arming sword from the renaissance period, most distinctively by his figure-8 shaped guard. It was wielded by lansquenets to keep the upper hand in the chaos of battle. The slim blade is like the rest made from extra stury special foam, the trademark of Calimacil. The decorative guard is removable. This prevents it from ripping off in battle, and further helps transporting the weapon. With its many decorations and crafted details, "Cretzer" is a beautiful and fast Off-hand weapon. Material: Gfk, foamTotal length: 77,5 cmBlade length: 55, 5 cmWeight: ca. 310 g Bei Polsterwaffen von Calimacil kann es fertigungsbedingt zu kleinen Löchern im Schaumstoff kommen. Alle Artikel des Herstellers "Calimacil" werden in einer kleinen Manufaktur in Kanada von Hand gefertigt. Wir versuchen zwar jederzeit alle Artikel auf Lager zu haben, es können allerdings leider trotzdem Wartezeiten von bis zu 10 Wochen bei vergriffenen Artikeln aufkommen. Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events, theater stages etc.. The foam weapons are made with a glass reinforced plastic rod as a core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

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Big Bertha II
"Big Bertha" is a remarkably faithful replica of a very large spanner. Like all foam weapons made by Calmacil, Big Bertha features a shape that is firm, yet remains soft and flexible enough to prevent injuries during LARP fights.This foam weapon does not contain a rigid core.Material: Calimacil FoamTotal length: 44cmShaft length: 31cmWeight: 140g

59,90 €*
Johnny Axe
The axe "Johnny" from Calimacil's zombie range is based on a typical fireman's axe. The axe head's rough surface texture and the realistic looking wooden handle complete the convincing appearance.Material: Foam, GFRPLength: 77cmWeight: 425gr

149,90 €*
Urios throwing axe
At the close of the Second Age, Frandruin, Lord of the Dark Elves, lusted deeply after the gold and affluence of the Obsidian Mines and their king, Urios. Leading his army of deadly archers in an attack against the unsuspecting city of Ogn, Frandruin wreaked death and destruction upon the dwarf capital. Hundreds fell, pierced before the enemy was even within range of their axes. In a last, desperate attempt to push back his enemy, King Urios hurled his heavy axe at the chariot of Frandruin. It struck the elf-lord, fatally wounding him. With a mighty cheer, the dwarves rushed upon the confused elves, pushing them back to the borders of their own land. Since that day, the dwarves of the Obsidian Mines have crafted a new kind of weapon--the throwing axe--in honor of their king, Urios.This generic LARP weapon from Calimacil is designed to work equally well as a throwing axe or a melee weapon. Although not as detailed as other axes, Urios does not shirk on quality construction, and features the durable foam construction and core you\\'ve come to expect from Calimacil.Perfect for any character from a dwarf king to a maruading mercenary to a hero of Men, Urios: the Throwing Axe, is a versatile weapon designed to fill a variety of character and sparring needs.Material: foam, fiberglasTotal length: 30cmGrip length: 24cmHead length: 14,5cmWeight: 78gr All items made by the manufacturer "Calimacil" are hand-crafted in Canada. We´re always trying to keep every item in stock, unfortunately there may still be waiting periods up to 10 weeks for out of stock items. Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like liveroleplay events etc.. All throwing weapons are made from foam and fully soft & flexible, so e.g. the throwing of "knives" can be portrayed safely.

42,90 €*

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The second edition of our popular foam weapons is made out of a new material. It is more tear-resistant than our old foam and absorbs the energy of every hit. Moreover, we updated the handle wraps so that you can wield your weapon with a good grip and accuracy even in a heated battle.The single-edged longsword "Yorveth" seems almost organic. The slightly inclined pommel and the curved crossguard, with their fantastic contours and unusual shapes, bring to mind the body of an insect or the scales of a dragon. "Yorveth" is the ideal foam weapon for characters from a nature-related culture such as elves or barbarians. Oriental-inspired characters may as well be equipped with this sword as an orc. As usual, the possibilities are endless. This foam weapon is based on a special PU foam and is largely insensitive to the effects of the weather.Material: PU foamLength: 96 cmBlade Length: 67 cmBlade Width: 5 cmWeight: 380 gWe recommend the regular use of a silicone oil to maintain the foam weapon.Please note: Battle Standard products may have a hole on the flat of the blade near the point. This hole is created during production, a technical necessity in order to stabilize the core rod while the weapon is filled with foam. Moreover, further small holes may be present on the surface in other places. These holes are not to be understood as flaws and do not affect the foam weapon’s safety.Disclaimer: All items shown here were especially designed to safely portray fights in controlled environments like live roleplay events, theatre stages etc. The foam weapons are made with a glass fibre reinforced plastic rod as a core, fully encapsulated in soft foam to avoid injuries.

49,90 €*
Urban ring holder
Oftentimes you will find problems storing all belongings on your belt in an adequate way. The ring holder is a neat little helper, its the bridge between the belt and the parts you are looking to store away.Camp utensils like hammer or hatchets will find their way into the steel ring. Axes and maces can be put easily and are at hand when needed.Use leather strings or belt holders (not included in this offer) to store away even more necessaries on your belt.The \\"Urban\\" ring holder is built in a shield shape and has two belt loops (which each have two rivets holding it). This is not only decorating, but leads to more stability on your belt when wearing heavy equipment. It works great with axes and maces, which are only hard to store away on regular weapon mounts.Material: split leatherLength: 18cmWidth: 8cmInner diameter of the ring: 5,3cmWeigth: 83gr

5,90 €*
Tensho throwing dagger
The knife presented here was developed in the era Tensho in Japan. It is an ancient kind of trowel. The blade was not sharp, because the edges were used to break the plaster and wood. It was used by the common people as a tool primarily for Masons. However, its usefulness has evolved and the Japanese tradition recognize it as a cold steel used by ninjas, who used it as a throwing knife. The Tensho Knife adds a sharp and deadly esthetic to any LARP outfit. Open pommel rings allow you to hook Tensho Knives onto your gear for easy access during combat. This black and steel-colored knife is made with a pointed blade and a comfortable grip. Matching the look of spear points, the Tensho Knife complements larger swords, making your character efficient at both melee and ranged combat. The distinctive edges of this knife's blade give it a realistic and sharp appearance. IMPORTANT : Created entirely of foam, the Tensho Knife has no inner shaft, making it safe to use as a thrown or thrusted edge.Weight (g): 105Total Length (cm): 28Material: None, Calimacil Foam

24,89 €*