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Kaspar armour set blank

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Información sobre el producto "Kaspar armour set blank"

Looking for a complete set of armour in very distinctive style? This is, where you'll find just the right thing: This complete set from our "Kaspar" series offers you all the armour parts gathered in one cut-rate set. You will receive the torso armour (front- and back plate), the matching tassets, the helmet, the gorget and a pair of spaulders.

This way you will receive a complete armour set in the style of the mid 16th to the mid 17th century german horse riders.

Material: 1.2mm steel
Colour: blank

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Kaspar armour set browned with blank bordering
Looking for a complete set of armour in a very distinctive style? This is, where you'll find just the right thing: This complete set from our "Kaspar" series offers you all the armour parts gathered in one set. You will receive the torso armour (front- and back plate), the matching tassets, the helmet, the gorget and a pair of spaulders. The browned areas, in combination with the blank bordering, grade this armour up. Being made along patterns from the mid 16th to mid 17th century, the german horse riders armour can be used for a wide range of various characters and costumes. Material: 1.2mm steelColour: browned with blank bordering

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Gustav small set blank
This set is ideal for all soldiers, mercenaries, and campaigners. Paired with a chainmail shirt, the lightweight plate combination can easily be turned into heavy armour, if necessary.This set contains: - Gustav breastplate blank- Gustav spaulders blank- Gustav collar blank

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Gustav large set blank
A complete set of plate armour based on the historical style. The "Gustav" series combines a plain design and a great deal of functionality with a particularly good price-performance-ratio. The armour parts are ideally suited for history festivals and medieval fairs or for character concepts the equipment of which is settled in "low fantasy". This set contains: - Gustav chestplate blank- Gustav spaulders blank - Gustav collar blank- Gustav arm guard blank- Gustav leg guard blank

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Lambert Armour Set
Our "Lambert" armor is kept simple and functional. It can be adapted to the wearer using straps and buckles. This increases the comfort and mobility considerably. We recommend wearing a gambeson and arm and leg pads under the armor in order to further improve wearing comfort and to avoid bruises and chafing.Material: steel, leatherTorso Dimensions:Width: 37 cmLength: 35 cmWeight: approx. 3.5 kgTassets dimensions:Width: 26 cmLength: 28 cmWeight (pair): approx. 2.1 kgBracers Dimensions:Width 18 cmLength: 25 cmWeight: approx. 0.5 kgGreaves Dimensions:Width: 14 cmLength: 43 cmWeight: about 1 kgGorget Dimensions:Width: 40 cmWeight: about 1 kgSpaulders Dimensions:Width: 16.5 cmLength: 35 cmWeight: about 1.3 kgArmour Belt Dimensions:Width: 40 cmLength: 22 cmWeight: about 1.2 kgBelt Shield Dimensions:Width: 17.5 cmLength 24 cmWeight: approx. 350 g

399,90 €*
Gustav large set burnished
One could call this set "simple", but this would hardly do it justice. A better way to describe it would be "pragmatic" – it dispenses with most ornamentational elements like rivets and additional grooves for a clean and straight look. Most "down-to-earth" character concepts will find a good match if an armour is needed. The breastplate is ornamented with round-headed rivets and has a shaped plate added to the upper part, setting it off as the jewel of the armour set. As with a half-cuirass, the breastplate is fastened by using two leather straps; there is no backplate.The collar has no ornamentation at all and is deliberately kept plain so as to contrast the breastplate. It's size can be adjusted, and it is closed by means of a buckle and strap on the side.The three flexible metal parts on the shoulder allow great mobility and barely interfere with arm movement in battle. The swung lines add another eyecatcher to this armour setThe arm guards consist of six flexibly connected segments. The plain rondels attached to the couters further stress the armour's functional character. They can be fixed to the spaulders by connecting the buckle with the corresponding straps.The same rondels are found on the knee armour. Thus, repeating elements give the armour suit a consistent appearance. Comprised of five flexible segments, the leg armour is built to offer just as much mobility as the arm guards. They end just underneath the knee; however, the wearer can adjust the wearing height individually. This armour set boasts an impressive price-performance-ratio. It constitutes an all but complete solid plate armour suit. The lower body protection may be reinforced by combining it with our "Markward" tassets and a "Richard" chainmail skirt. A helmet from our broad product range will round of the armour set.We recommend wearing a gambeson underneath the armour and upgrading it with a chainmail shirt. This set contains: - Gustav chestplate (burnished)- Gustav spaulders (burnished)- Gustav collar (burnished)- Gustav arm guards (burnished)- Gustav leg guards (burnished) Material: 1,2mm steel Colour: burnished Measurements of the breastplate: Length: 50cm Chest circumference: 52cm Weight: 2.3kg Note: You can change the breastplate size by carefully bending the plate. Measurements of the collar: Length of chest segment: 16cm Length of back segment: 15cm Shoulder width: 7cm Neck circumference: 59cm to 65cmWeight: approx. 1kgMeasurements of the spaulders: Length: 36cm Width: 32cm Weight (pair): 2.4kgMeasurements of the arm guards:Length: 46cmWrist width: 10cmUpper arm width: 14cmWeigth: 3.3kgMeasurements of the leg guards:Length: 55cmWidth below the knee: 16cmThigh width: 20cm Weight: ca. 4kg

419,90 €*