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Larp Coin Set 70C 20S 10G

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Información sobre el producto "Larp Coin Set 70C 20S 10G"

Large set of larp coins, consisting of:

  • 70 copper coins
  • 20 silver coins
  • 10 gold coins

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Larp coin copper set of 50
50 copper larp coins for a set price.

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Lenora sleeveless tunic cotton bordeaux
A good costume consists of several layers. This leads to structure, provides colourful accents and allows the combination of various pieces for functional wearing. This is why the "Lenora" sleeveless tunic was made to be worn in combination with an undergarment. The low cut frontline may be closed by means of a rustic leather string. If you would like to have a finer lacing in that particular area, we recommend also purchasing a fabric lace in your desired colour. The generously cut armholes allow the wearer to wear undergarments, yet provide the necessary mobility. The knee-length tunic is bell-shaped towards the bottom and narrowed down on the waistline. The slit on the sides allows for great freedom of leg movement. This tunic is sewn from our premium cotton. The densly woven fabric is robust yet soft. We offer the matching ladies tunic "Lenora" designed as an undergarment to combine with this sleeveless variation. You may also want to check out the "Marita", "Alina" and "Ursula" undergarments - there are lots of possible combinations of colours, shapes, and functions for any existing outfit. Material: cotton, leather Sizes: S to XXL

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Larp coin copper set of 100
100 copper larp coins for a set price.

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Larp coin silver set of 10
10 silver coins for larp at a set price. Material: steel

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Ursula bodice cotton black
Worn on top of an undergarment it warms on cool days and protects from light rain. Wear it open, as an open vest or close it all the way with the lacing - both looks good. The vest is fitted along the waistline. The black contrast on the edges stretch the vest and let the wearer appear slimmer and longer. When combined with a skirt and some more details, this vest will add some eye-catcher to the tavern maids, adventurers or market-womans costume or can be a good basis for down-to-earth dresses.  Material: canvasSizes: S to XXL

34,90 €*

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Larp coin
Coins for LARP. The usual worth is: 10 copper = 1 silver10 silver = 1 gold Material: steel, copper, brassWeight: copper 9 gram; silver 8 gram; gold 7 gramSize: Ø 2,3 cm

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Catalog 2023/24 (DE/EN)
Our new 2023/24 catalog as a print edition to get inspiration, plan outfits, mark your favorites or just browse. The print edition is also available in our shops and in small quantities at our market stands. At events, only while stocks last.Alternatively,  click here  for the online version of our catalog. You can find our catalog archive under this link.Material: Paper116 pages

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50 larp coins copper with fabric bag
50 larp coins copper with a fitting fabric bag cream.

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Larp coin copper set of 100
100 copper larp coins for a set price.

37,90 €*
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Larp money gold bar dwarf large
Money is a basic component of believable play for many characters, such as traders, diplomats, aristocrats, but also farmers. The farmer who has a scythe sharpened by the blacksmith for a few copper pieces. The noble who tips the bards generously. The diplomat who pays for errands and information. The trader who symbolically closes the a huge deal  with a deposit at the bank. Coins & bars are eye-catchers at Larp and those who want to find some amusement after a strenuous day will find it in gambling, where you may need plenty of coins or bars depending on your luck.Material: zinc, galvanized nickelDimensions: 9.8 cm x 4.9 cm x 0.9 cmWeight: ~ 320 gr.

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