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Lucas armour set blank

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Información sobre el producto "Lucas armour set blank"

The "Lucas" armour series was especially designed for kids. The bracers and greaves are a little shorter, so that they fit smaller arms and legs. The chest plate is made for smaller bodys, but can be enlarged by carefully bending it with the wearers growth.

The chest plate is a historical copy and has no back plate. it is closed on the wearers back by closing two leather straps on the buckles on the sides.

Steel bracers and greaves are not only suitable for in-game protection when blocking blows to the arms and legs, but also protect in real life: whenever the kids roam through the forrests and parks, their legs and arms may get scratches and bruises. Shins and lower arms are well protected with a layer of steel greaves and bracers.

We offer a complete armour for the younger heroes with an unbeatable price with this set. May it be a black knight or a wild burglar - black is the basis for many protected heroes.

We suggest to wear a set of padded bracers and greaves to worn underneath any steel armour, as it will prevent bruising and cutting of the skin underneath and maximuses the comfort wearing steel armour - be careful and protect yourself at all times.

Measurements of the armour:

Lucas Torso:
Width: 33cm
Heigth: 40cm
Circumference (widest point): 50cm

Lucas bracers:
Length: 20cm
Width (top): 15cm
Width (bottom): 12cm

Lucas greaves:
Length: 25cm
Width (top): 20cm
Width (bottom): 15cm

Weight of the armour:
Lucas chest plate: 1,6kg
Lucas bracers: 0,7kg
Lucas greaves: 1,1kg

Colour: blank

This set contains:
Lucas chest plate blank
Lucas bracers blank
Lucas greaves blank

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Lucas armour set burnished
The "Lucas" armour series was especially designed for kids. The bracers and greaves are a little shorter and narrower. The breastplate is also made for smaller bodys, but can be enlarged to "grow" with the wearer by carefully bending it. The breastplate is based on a half-cuirass and has no backplate. It can be closed and adjusted to the wearer's body by means of two crossed, sturdy leather straps across the wearer's back. Steel bracers and greaves are not only suitable for in-game protection, but also protect in real life, when the kids experience adventures in parks and forests. The underbrush and stones may quickly cause bruises when playing in nature. Shins and lower arms are well protected with a layer of steel greaves and bracers. With this set, we offer a complete armour for young heroes at an unbeatable price. Be they a black knight or a wild burglar - black is a good basis for many armed and armoured character concepts. We suggest wearing a set of arm and leg paddings underneath steel armour, for example those from our "Leopold" product series. This will not only maximise wearing comfort, but also improve the protective effect. Measurements of the armour:Lucas breastplate: Width: 33cm, heigth: 40cm, circumference (widest point): 50cmLucas bracers: Length: 20cm, width (top): 15cm, width (bottom): 12cmLucas greaves: Length: 25cm, width (top): 20cm, width (bottom): 15cm Weight of the armour: Lucas breastplate: 1.6kg Lucas bracers: 0.7kg Lucas greaves: 1.1kg Colour: burnished This set contains: Lucas breastplate (burnished)Lucas bracers (burnished)Lucas greaves (burnished)

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Markward guard set blank
Steel bracers and greaves not only protect your depicted character from the attacks of your enemies, they also protect you quite real when recreational heroines and heroes on castles and forests experience their adventures. Underbrush and stones can quickly cause bruises during outdoor activities. With this set, shins and forearms are protected against it. We offer you here the ' Markward ' set consisting of the bracers and the greaves in blank. With its slender lines and the simple design it fits well with all armour wearing costume ideas. Material: Steel Dimensions of Bracers: Length: 25 cmWidth: 20 cm top, 14 cm bottomWeight. 900 g Dimensions of the greaves: Length 25 cmWidth 20 cm top, 14 cm bottomWeight: 1.8 kgs Color: Blank We always recommend to wear pads under plate armour. This increases the wearing comfort and the protective effect enormously.

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Lucas breastplate
The products from our "Lucas" series are specially designed for the young heroes. They look like the ones for adults but are cut a lot smaller. Additionally we put a lot of emphasis on flexible sizes so that they can "grow" a little bit with the young wearers. The breastplate is composed of two inflexible pieces and has an extra short cut. It is closed crosswisely with two leather straps on the back and therefore quite variable in its size. Additionally you can bend it carefully to make it fit to the young wearers circumference.Material: Steel 1mmColor: blank or browned

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