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Reginald helmet

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Información sobre el producto "Reginald helmet"

This fantastic helmet is made from many metal pieces, which are riveted together to shape this extravagant head protection.
The visor can be lifted without any problems to allow the wearer a better breathing and visibility.
The bottom part along the neck line is finished off with a wide piece for additional protection.
The helmet is delivered without an inner padding and without the chin strap.

Material: 1,2 mm steel
Inner circumference: 66 cm

Accessory Items

Ballistol spray
THE universal spray made by the Ballistol company. Can be used for metal, just as well as leather and various other materials. A well known care product for animals paws and fur; a true allrounder, completly untoxic. We advise it for metal armour care and protection of leather armours.The practical 50ml spray can for your journeys, or the large 200ml spray can for your home.Please read the containers warnings section.Can not be exported outside the EU due to EU-law.

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Seraphim spaulders
Our "Seraphim" spaulders are a special piece for themselves: the design is knowingly not historical, but fantastic. They are made very opulent and underline the aspect of "showing-off" and being impressive.The segment of the upper arm, holding one of the three blade-breakers, is attached to the wearers body with a single wide leather strap. The two upper blade-breakers are mounted to another moveable part and provide a certain movability despite the size of the spaulders.The buckle on the top of the spaulders is used to attach them to all of our gorgets and chest plates. These spaulders size is impressive, without loosing it being oversized.Material: 1,2mm steelLength: 42cmWidth: 31cmWeight: app. 4kgColour: blank, browned

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Drinking-horn stand (0,4l - 0,65l)
You will need a drinking horn stand as soon, as you sit on a table, feasting with your fellow travellers for the first time.This stand was torqued in the process and has a small loop welded to it to hold the horn in place safely.It can be used for horns in the size from 0,4l to 0,65l.Material: steelfits for horns between 0,4l and 0,65l

13,90 €*
Reginald helmet
This fantastic helmet is made from many metal pieces, which are riveted together to shape this extravagant head protection.The visor can be lifted without any problems to allow the wearer a better breathing and visibility.The bottom part along the neck line is finished off with a wide piece for additional protection.The helmet is delivered without an inner padding and without the chin strap.Material: 1,2 mm steelInner circumference: 66 cm

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Mathes german sallet
The sallet "Mathes" from our diverse range of helmets is particularly elaborate. Curved lines adorn the movable visior, as well as the triple-segmented neck guard. A wide eye slit allows good vision, as well as excellent ventilation. The edges of the helmet are of course beaded. The foam pad can be used to comfortably carry the sallet up to a head circumference of 62 cm. A chin strap with buckle holds him safely in position. In its classic yet playful form, "Mathes" is ideal for richer warriors such as knights, nobility or even paladins. Of course, a successful mercenary or a soldier of a wealthy country can also be equipped with this helmet. Material: SteelSize: Up to 62 cm head circumference suitable.Weight: approx. 2.3 kgColor: Shiny

119,90 €*
Jost greaves
The characteristic cut is simple jet has a useful contra curve at the bottom, that gives some extra space for moving your ankles.A very effective and comfortable pair of greaves from our "Jost" series.Material: 1.2mm steelColour: blank, browned

44,90 €*

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Borchard five-bag-belt black
The bag belt from the "Borchard" series is ideal for organising a lot of equipment and having it ready to hand quickly.Whether healer, mercenary, alchemist or adventurer, in this combination of robust belt and five bags you will find everything you could need on the way. The practical pocket belt can be conveniently stored back in the camp.All pockets are closed at the front with a loop over a button, the belt has two practical rings to adjust it to the desired circumference.If you want to carry even more equipment, you can also connect two belts and use them as shoulder belts. The bag belt can also be attached to backpacks and knapsacks.A true organizational talent! length of the belt: 120 cmPocket length: 6 cmBag width: 4 cmPocket height: 11 cmMaterial: 100% cotton

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Bruna water bottle
The water bottle "Bruna" is sewn by hand from sturdy leather. It is an indispensable companion on hikes, battlefields and in dusty dungeons. Inside, it hides an easy-care PET inlay with a capacity of approx. 1.5 litres. The leather strap is removable, so the "Bruna" water bottle can also be attached to other carrying systems or can be placed on a table without a strap. We recommend rinsing the bottle thoroughly with warm water before using it for the first time. Please do not fill your "Bruna" water bottle with hot drinks, as this can damage the PET inlay. We recommend storing your bottle opened, with the plug removed, so it can dry. If you want to use it again, just put the plug in water for a few hours, so it will close tight again.Material: leather, PET Capacity: 1.5 litres Length: 25 cm Width: 8 cm Weight: approx. 400 g  This item is a medieval prop that is only produced in small quantities. For this reason, costly food certification is uneconomical or would have a massive impact on the selling price. Therefore, we are obliged to provide the following information: Prop - not certified or suitable for contact with food.

49,90 €*
Diana gambeson brown
The "Diana" gambeson is a specialty in our line of products due to its design. With 6 lacings in the front and its sidecuts, it can easily be adjusted to the wearer. The long sleeves are closed with an additional lacing. The different stitchings let you move freely while providing protection against rashes and bruises. The gambeson has a firm padding and is lined with light cotton. Material: Cotton, polyester, leatherSize: S-XXL

119,90 €*
Galatea hood canvas
The "Galatea" hood is your faithful companion, not only as an elf or ranger. This practical head covering, combined with a short bolero, combines style and functionality. It protects you from the sun, wind, and rain. Made from our sturdy canvas, the Galatea hood is resilient and long-lasting. The front strap closure ensures a secure fit with two molded metal buttons. The Galatea hood is not just a practical accessory, it completes your outfit perfectly and can be combined with many costumes. Of course, this hood can also be worn by men. Simply refer to the size chart to determine which size would fit you. Material: 100% cotton.Sizechart: S/M L/XL XXL Chest circumference 82 103 117 Waist circumference 80 101 116 Width of shoulders 39 41 42 All figures are in cm. Our products are handmade, dimensions and colours may therefore differ slightly.

29,90 €*
Lucas gorget
This small gorget was designed for young heroes and ladies - bigger necks will have difficulties fitting in there.The gorget is being closed with a buckle on the right shoulder and opened on the left one. It is made with a short "turtle neck", having a completly different appearance as any other gorget on the market. There are no fixpoints for spaulders attached on this gorget. Attention: The bump on the lower backside is for ergonomic fitting and NOT a damage. Material: 1.2mm steelColour: blank

49,90 €*