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Rudolf knife

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Información sobre el producto "Rudolf knife"

"Rudolf" is a nice piece of cutlery, finished with a horn handle. Its long, slim blade is ideal for the cutting of meat at the banquet or buttering your bread on the plate. The two halves of black, polished horn are tightly riveted to the tang and accentuate the knifes character.

This knife will find its place on any medieval banquet, just as well as on the noble ladies belt; safely stored away in its leather sheath, it will be a nice detail for many costumes.

 Material: steel, horn

Knifes measurements:
Total length: 23,5 cm
Blades length: 15 cm
Blades width on the handle: 2 cm
Weight: app. 70 g

Sheaths measurements:
Length: 21 cm
Width: 4 cm
Width of belt loop: 7 cm
Weight: app. 60 g

Total length: 28,5 cm
Total weight: app: 130 g

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Vera knife The knifes graceful character is archieved by its long, slim blade and the slightly swung handle. The handles half shells are made from polished bone and riveted thightly to the knifes tang. Bone, being an ancient decoration raw material was used for knife handles for a very long time. It is weatherproof, very robust, yet light. Its natural colour variation will every knife be unique in its appearance. A simple brown sheath with a belt loop for the wearing with your costume is included.Vera is perfectly suited for any ladies costume, as well as for many mens costumes. Be it as a regular food knife on your medieval banquet or just for everyday work in your camp – Vera should not be missing. Materials: steel, bone, brass, leather Knifes measurements: Blades length: 14 cmBlades width: 2 cmTotal length: 26 cmWeight: app. 140 g Sheaths measurements: Length: 20,5 cmWidth: 5 cmBelt loops width: 5,5 cmWeight: app. 50 g Total length: 27 cmTotal weight: app. 190 g

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Sieghard decorational dagger
The "Sieghard" decoration dagger is made with a slim, long blade with diamond shaped cross cut. It captivates by it pragmatic simplicity. The grip is made from red asian poplar tree, flattering the hand and being a great accessory for many different costume ideas. Knight may wear it as well as rogues. It is being worn on ones belt with the included premium leather sheath.Being a decoration dagger, we will ship out the dagger unsharpened; pointing out, that this dagger is not suitable for any stage fight. Material: steel, wood, leatherDaggers measurements:Blades' length: 36 cmBlades' width: 3,6 cmTotal length: 49 cmWeight: app. 430 g Sheaths' measurements:Length: 38 cmWidth: 6 cmWeight: app. 225 g Total length: 51 cmTotal weight: 580 g

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Sigurd knife
"Sigurd" is a short, yet robust working knife. The blade is decorated with an exceptional hammer blow decoration. It is suitable for any hard work due to its thick, solid blades back.The conical handle is made from poplar, decorated with brass pieces and provides a tight grip when working with it. The upper leather sheath is made with a simple hole for the fastening of a leather string. This way it can be worn on your backpack, the belt or any other place on your costume you prefer.Whoever is looking for a new companion to be stored on your pocket: our "Sigurd" knife will not let you down.Knifes' measurements:Blades' length: 10,5 cmBlades' width: 2 cmTotal length: 22 cmWeight: app. 100 g Sheaths' measurements:Length: 18 cmWidth: 5 cmWeight: app. 50 g Total length: 23 cmTotal weight: 150 g  

24,89 €* 44,90 €* (ahorro del 44.57%)
Serena knife
"Serena" is a fine knife for the table, which is a little longer, than our "Limm" knife.It is pointed, so that you can pick up food at times. The grip is twisted and allows a good grip.Length: 18 cmBlades' length: 2,5 cmMaterial: Steel

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Ram knife
A pretty knife with a ram´s had at the handle. The curved tip can be used as a spike for eating. Material: steel

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The cape is the primary form of mantles: Open on one side a circle of fabric has a opening in the middle for the head. Thrown over the shoulders it is closed with a button and a sling. Our Cape Gora has an hood with an extra long tail, functioning as a scarf during rough weather. Made from sturdy thick cotton canvas it offers lots of protection.It comes in a variety of colours so you can combine it with every other costume.UnisizeMaterial:  CottoncanvasLength: 138 cmDiameter of throat: 48 cmLenght of Hood with tail: 90 cmWeight: approx 2 kgColours: black, brown, grey, green, bordeaux

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Alva apron dress brown
The viking dress "Alva" is just the right thing for girls, that favor a nothern costume.The dress is cut in the historic form of an "A" and reaches down to the calf. Upper and lower hem are embroided with a knot-applikation. This makes this dress a true eyecatcher.It is good to combine with a "Marita" underdress. Material: canvasSizes: Onesize - app. M/LBreast circ.: 100 cmShoulder width: 35 cmLength: 132 cm

74,90 €*