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Castagir crossbelt brown 2ND ED.

The "Castagir" crossbelt is another way of always keeping your weapon close by, similar to the "Castagir" back system. Hand-crafted by the Italian manufactory "Fucina del Drago" and made from high-quality hardened upper leather, this crossbelt is suitable for a wide variety of characters, be they pirates, musketeers, adventurers. Featuring buckles on both sides, the crossbelt can be worn both on the left and the right side. Beneath the shoulder part, it is equipped with a leather strap that allows the wearer to attach a single spaulder by "Fucina del Drago", for example the "Crisso" spaulder, which is available as a single unit. 

The "Castagir" crossbelt is designed to be used with the "Castagir" sheath (sold separately). The sheath was added to the image for demonstration and is not included in this offer.

Material: upper leather

Leather is a product of nature and may take on dyes differently. Therefore, the actual hue may differ from the image.
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79,90 € *

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