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Friedhelm beltbag large

Visiting medieval events you like to carry some of your personal belongings with you. Be it the digital camera, your keys or just a wallet - there should be an adequate way to transport your gear at your side. A belt bag is often the perfect solution for that. For these moments we offer the big belt bag from our "Friedhelm" series: it is made from soft suede and not only good looking, but also holds most of your personal belongings, which you want to have ready at hand. It will not take up too much space when packing it in your backpack, due to the soft suede. Its being closed with two powder coated buckles and the framing straps made from upper leather. This provides stability to the bag with its big belt loops on the back. It fits more, than its outer appearance will let you believe.

Material: suede, upper leather
Width: 17 cm
Height: 10 cm

24,90 € *

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