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Sweet mead 10l canister

"Medhu" is the Indo-Germanic word root "honey" can be traced back to. The term is the basis for our modern word "mead". Many cultures brewed this drink and assigned a divine meaning to drinking it based on its intoxicating effects. The legendary feasts in "Asgard" are described in the Viking sagas of the "Edda", and they are often depicted on the big screen even today. Made from high-quality ingredients, we offer this "divine drink" for all mortals 18 years and older.

The fermentation process of this semi-sweet mead was ended prematurely. Thus, less of the sugar content was turned into alcohol, making the mead sweeter and lighter. Like all types of mead, it can be enjoyed either cold or hot. Chilled with ice and refined with a dash of lime joice, it will also make a refreshing summer drink.

Due to the strong demand for this mead, we now offer it in a practical 10l canister in addition to our 0.75l bottles.

Mead is traditionally drunk from drinking horns. Skål!

Volume: 10l
Ingredients: water, honey
Weight: app. 11kg
Height: 32cm
Width: 20cm

Please note that we are only allowed to ship alcohol within Germany.

64,90 € *
Contenido: 10 l (6,49 € * / 1 l)

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío

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