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"Phönix Das Fantasy Live Rollenspiel Regelwerk" (German)

"Phönix Das Fantasy Live Rollenspiel Regelwerk" (German)

The "PHÖNIX" rule system offers live roleplayers unparalleled opportunities of flexible character customisation. Ten different races, more than 50 different skills, more than 150 different spells and clerical miracles, numerous bard's songs, magical runes and artifacts, as well as over 30 different alchemical and pharmaceutical recipes allow the development of a unique and individual character apart from all character classes. A comprehensive optional disadvantage system lends further depth to the created alter ego and poses an interesting in-game challenge for the player. The marble-based magic system as well as rapid, easy-to-apply combat rules promise a gripping game experience bursting with excitement and thrill.

The PHÖNIX rule system is now available as a compacted and con-friendly pocket book version for the first time. It contains all the official rule expansions and updates from 10 years of game experience.

The current version of the rulebook as a handy pocket book
176 pages, DIN A5, high-quality embossed softcover

October 2005

ISBN: 3-938922-05-2
ISBN: 978-3-938922-05-7

Please note: This book is available in German only.

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Elfen Ohren Elfen Ohren Elven ears
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