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Highland Broadsword (German)

Highland Broadsword (German)

"DragonSys Lebendiges Mittelalter Band XIII: Highland Broadsword - Fechten mit schottischen Waffen" (DragonSys Living Middle Ages Volume XIII: Highland Broadsword - Fencing with Scottish Weapons)

A comprehensive introduction to historical Scottish fencing; based on numerous contemporary sources and the experience gleaned from acting them out, this book and its many detailled drawings will guide you through the basics, like footwork, guards, swings, and stabs, as well as advanced technique concepts like countering moves, throws, and levering techniques when the blades connect as well as striking with the basket hilt or the pommel. The book starts by extensively illustrating the use of the broadsword, after which come combat with sword and shield as well as an introduction into the basics of close combat with the dirk (long dagger). Further weapons like the claymore, Lochaber axe as well as unarmed close combat provide further information. Rounded off by numerous anecdotes surrounding Scottish Highland clans and British Highland regiments, this volume offers historical and practical insights into Scottish fencing that will capture the attention of beginners as well as advanced fencers as much as that of historically interested readers and Scotland fans.

Hardcover edition, 128 pages. Available in German only

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