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The World of Vikings (German)

The World of Vikings (German)

"It is the fate of men such as I to spend our days far from home in foreign lands. There is a word for it—our folk say we have gone It is the fate of men such as I to spend our days far from home in foreign lands. There is a word for it - our folk say we have one "Viking"

The water itself is our road.
The ship is our horse.
We go Viking because we can!"
- Ragnar Lothbrok

Ever since 2013, the Canadian-Irish hit show Vikings involving the adventures of the Northman Ragnar Lothbrok has entertained millions of viewers. Its recipe for success is the skilfull combination of historical facts and fictional elements.

With this official companion book of 160 pages, historian Justin Pollard sheds light on the real historical backgrounds and offers the reader a glimpse behind the scenes of the production. He discribes culture, religion, ship building, and navigation techniques used by the Northmen and explains about the fascination history of their raiding, trading, and exploring campaigns. On top of that, interviews with actors and the film crew show how an exciting tale became a dramatic screen adaption.

Richly illustrated and boasting several pages featuring elaborate graphical designs as well as nearly 100 sketches and images, The World of Vikings is a must-have, not only for fans of the TV show, but also for those interested in history.

Hardcover, published by Zauberfeder Verlag, 160 pages

Please note: this book is available in German only

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