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"Vom Fuzzy zum A-Papst" (German)

"Vom Fuzzy zum A-Papst" (German)

More confusing and impenetrable than the Amazon rainforest – that's how an uninitiated observer (and most others) views the medieval scene in Europe. What does the term "Marktfraggle" describe? What's the difference between re-enactment, Living History, and medieval camp life? And how do you reach the rank of what's been dubbed "A-Papst" (meaning authenticity pope, i. e. those advocating portraying characters in the most authentic way possible and frown upon portrayals lacking historical evidence) as quickly as possible? These are just some of the questions author Wolf Zerkowski answers in his tongue-in-cheek manner in this short guidebook. Endowed with the knowledge of the proper terminology for the scene, the reader will soon be able to slander along with the best of them around the campfire of a night!

ISBN: 978-3-938922-34-7

Please note: this book is available in German only.

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