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Versengold song book 2 (German)

Versengold song book 2 (German)

The second volume of this popular song book contains all the songs from German folk band Versengold's studio albums "Im Namen des Folkes", "Auf in den Wind" and "Zeitlos". Thus, this volume picks up on what volume I started in 2013: both volumes now reflect the entirety of German songs published by the band until the end of 2015. Featuring the attention to detail already found in the first volume, the book again contains lovingly designed tabs complemented by the musicians' tips on how to play. This makes volume II a must-have for all fans and musicians eager to embrace Versengold's broad repertoire. From campfires to concert venues – it is suited for virtually any opportunity. In its special way, however, this song book does not only cater to musicians, but to anyone taking pleasure in beautifully arranged, elaborate German lyricism.

This song book contains all songs of the studio albums "Im Namen des Folkes", "Auf in den Wind" and "Zeitlos" in German.

German language only
DIN A4, hard cover, 72 pages

24,90 € *

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