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Versengold Songbook volume 1 (German)

Versengold Songbook volume 1 (German)

This song book contains a unique compilations of all German songs from the first four studio albums by German medieval folk band Versengold. Each of the total of 36 compositions featured here are also accompanied by lovingly designed and detail-rich chord symbols. Also, you can find the five musicians' tips on how to play as well as their personal comments in several places. A must-have for every Versengold fan as well as all afficionados of sophisticated medieval folk music. A rich source and trusty companion for all guitarists/singers for nights at the campfire. And, not least, a true pleasure for everyone who enjoys clever, funny and frivolous lyrics.

This song book contains all German songs from the first four studio albums: "Hoerensagen" (2005), "Allgebraeu" (2006), "Ketzerey" (2008) and "Dreck am Stecken" (2001).

German language only
DIN A4, hard cover, 88 pages

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