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Sugar spoon Mahogany

The "Mahogany" sugar spoon is made of real American Mahogany and carved by hand. The curved handle feels very comfortable in the hand and the trowel corresponds to a conventional teaspoon. This spoon can be used for desserts or the breakfast cereal, or just as a sugar spoon for tea or coffee.
Mahogany is very resistant to moisture and has a warm, golden sheen.
The wood, originating from South America, gets darker over time, so the spoon gets its own individual coloration during the course of its life.
A nice addition to any medieval table.

Material: Real American mahogany
Length: 14.5 cm
Width of trowel: 3 cm
Weight: 8 g

Mahogany wood is a natural product the hue and structure may differ from the picture.
This article is a medieval prop that is only produced in small quantities. For this reason, expensive food certification is uneconomical or would have a massive impact on the selling price.

Therefore we are obligated to the following notice: Prop - not certified or suitable for contact with food.
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