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Halldis bone spoon

The Viking-era bone spoon "Halldis" is hand-carved and carefully polished. It is decorated with a finely crafted dragon's head. Viking-age spoons were rather flat and were best suited for eating porridge and groats. Thus, "Halldis", too, is more suited for eating your morning porridge in your camp or a yogurt at the university than for soup. Incidentally, Vikings usually slurped their right from the bowl, anyway.
The bone spoon "Halldis" is an exceptional piece of cutlery, not only for historical camp life.

Material: Bone

Length: 16cm
Width: 2cm
Handle thickness: 0.5cm

This article is a medieval prop that is only produced in small quantities. For this reason, an expensive certification regarding food safety is uneconomical or would have a massive impact on the selling price.
Therefore, we are obligated to include the following notice: prop – not certified or suitable for contact with food.

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