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Rodina horn bowl

Rodina horn bowl

The horn bowl "Rodina" is made by hand from real water buffalo horn. The remarkable drawing, which makes each horn bowl a unique piece, and the carefully polished surface make it a special piece on every hearty table. Be it on a LARP, the medieval camp or at home. "Rodina" is an authentic, historic tableware that has been used for many centuries.

Like all Horn products, this bowl is a natural product and unique. Color and drawing are randomly selected by us for each customer. Customer wishes can unfortunately not be considered.

Material: horn from the water buffalo

Height: 5 cm
Diameter: 15 cm

This item is a medieval prop made only in small numbers. For this reason, expensive food-grade certification is uneconomic or would have a massive impact on the selling price.

Therefore, we are committed to the following note: props - not certified or suitable for contact with food.

17,90 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío

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