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Soup kettle

The steam of a boiling kettle mixing with the sweet smell of the crackling sound of the campfire. Friends are laughing, talking and drinking with well filled mead horns. There is a bard playing songs in the near distance...

The collective camp life is probably one of the most important reasons to go our on LARP events and medieval camps. Little things bind friends as much as collective cooking and eating together. Kettle dishes, such as goulash soup or noutritious stews are the top picks for open fire cooking - lots of people can participate in preparing and finally eating them. You can find some good recipes in our offered book "Lagerküche" (german only).

Made with old hungarian tradition, this enamel kettle is a good offer for any player, who likes to be "the mother of the group". The bottom of the kettle is wider and closes towards the top. This protects the soup from ashes, dust and spilling it when transported from the fire to the table. It is perfectly suitable for the heating up of hot spiced wine, herbs tock and of course: warm mead. We offer this kettle in two sizes.

You may also take a closer look at our wooden spoon for the perfect arrangement of the camp equipment. There is also plenty of cutlery and tableware in our stock. Come on in and browse around...

Material: steel, enamel
Sizes: 8 l, 20 l
Colours: black (outside), black/white (inside)
Weights: 8 liter: app. 2,2 kg, 20 liter: app. 5,5 kg

Attention please: The kettle is sold without tripod & chain. They are only displayed  for demonstration and sold separately.


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