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Ulfic mincing knife

Ulfic mincing knife

The "Ulfric" mincing knife is a real multi talent. Not only does it mince herbs perfectly, but can also be used as a chopping knife and chefs knife as well. It is made from one single piece of steel and has an elaborate swung handle. The blade was sharpened after the forging process and the completely blackened afterwards - the blade keeps its rustic look this way. Being only slightly bent, the knife can be used as a chopping cleaver as well - use it to break bones from your pork chops for example. The blades shape is made along examples of chinese cleavers and well sharpened - you can cut through vegetables and meat without getting stuck or squeezing the goods. This knife combines all the knifes you will need in a camp kitchen - why using more material and extra weight, if this is all you need? We suggest to use Ballistol spray oil regulary on this knife to keep it sealed from oxygen. The food wax oil will not resinify and is a propper way to keep all metal parts ready for use at all times.

Material: steel
Total length: 16,5 cm
Blades length: 13,5 cm
Blades width: 6 cm
Weight: app. 300 g


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