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Teja knife

The "Teja" sickle-knife can normally be used for harvesting herbs. It is made with a inner curved blade, with the cutting edge being on the inner side as well. The rustic character of this knife is finished by the exceptional hammer blow on both knifes sides. The ergonomically shaped wooden handles are tightly attached to the tang with brass pins. The leather sheath allows the wearer to have it at hand when fastened to the belt.

"Teja" is not only a special tool knife for "herb women", but also a great accessory for plenty of costumes on medieval markets.

Material: steel, wood, brass

Measurements of the knife:
Total length: 21 cm
Blades length: 11 cm
Blades width on the handle: 3,5 cm
Weight: app. 180 g 

Sheaths measurements:
Length: 16 cm
Width: 4 cm
Width of the belt loop: 6,5 cm
Weight: app. 70 g 

Total length: 24 cm
Total weight: app. 250 g 
Colour: brown

44,90 € *

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