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Ingva knife

Fine works are done with our "Ingva" knife- It has an enlongened handle, just as you might know from surgeons scalpels. With it you can use more pressure on the fine blade. The tightly sewn leather cover provides the neccessary grip. Leather and wood works will be an ease from now on!
The small eyelet on the handles end allws a fastening on your belt, if you so wish – you will have the knife at hand fast and not have it lying on the table, where it could get lost.
Ingva is very suitable for the display of handcrafts, but it is also a nice decorative element, which can be worn in a robust sheath of upper leather.
A nice blade for many occasions.

Mateial: steel. Leather

Knifes measurements:
Total length: 22 cm
Blades length: 10 cm
Blades width on the handle: 2,7 cm
Weight: app. 70 g

Sheaths measurements:
Length: 16 cm
Width: 4 cm
Loops width: 5 cm
Weight: app. 30 g

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