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Svartson knife

Svartson knife

The "Svartson" knife is a short pocket knife, which can be worn next to a dagger. The short, thick blade is highly durable, even when undertaking hard labours. It is blackened and only partially polished to underline the rustic character of this knife.
Its brass and wood handle is made from dark wood and comforts the wielders hand.
The upper leather sheath shows an eyelet for leather stings – this way you may attach it to backpacks or your belt to store it properly.
Looking for a ne companion on your side, you will have good times when choosing our
"Svartson" model knife.

Knifes' measurements:
Blades' length: 11 cm
Blades' width: 3 cm
Total length: 21,5 cm
Weight: app. 170 g

Sheaths' measurements:
Length: 18 cm
Width: 5 cm
Weight: app. 55 g
Total length: 23 cm
Total weight: app. 225 g

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