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Ranald knife

Ranald knife

The "Ranald" knife was made from one single piece of steel. The blade is slightly bent upwards to allow more pressure when using it plus it is equipped with a small ricasso to protect the hand from sliding forwards when cutting. The pommel on the knifes' end shows a stilized rams head.
The natural character of this knife is its great feature: the rough look is archieved by the rough metal surface; only the cutting edge was polished. The blacksmiths working force is visible and the knife keeps its natural colour. All structures and interesting cavities make every single knife an unique item.
"Ranald" is a rough hand knife and will be at your side when it comes to force and stability.

We suggest to keep the knife oiled at all times. For this we advise to use Ballistol oil or leather grease.

Material: steel
Length: 23 cm
Blades length: 13 cm
Blades width: 3 cm
Weight: app. 300 g

15,50 € *

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