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Mertlein suede blanket

Our "Mertlein" blanket is made from a patchwork of rectangular suede pieces. Used as a bedspread, it hides the modern sleeping bag in a LARP event. Put it on the ground on a picknick to enjoy the day. When laying it on the top of your bedding at night, it keeps you warm at night; on the tent floor it functions as a rug to keep your feet dry and clean. When getting dirty, wait for the moist earth to dry and simply brush it off with a towel or brush.

Roll it to a small package to store it away underneath your backpack for hiking events. For all the hobbyists and tailors: this blanket may be interesting, as patchwork clothing and equipment can easily be made from suede as well. When used at home it may be used as a couch blanket or bedspread for all those, who like it rather medieval.

Material: suede
Measurements: 225cm x 170cm
Weight: app. 3,2kg
Colours: brown, black


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