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Nizaris drum

Drums have been a military signal and messaging medium ever since the antiquity. Of course they were used as an instrument for amusement as well. The "Nizaris" drum is a long drum with a resonance skin on the opposing bottom. The goat skin provides a deep sound. The clamping on the sides allows a adjustment of the skin when neccessary. The black painted body is made from hardwood and very worthy crafted. The hardwood drum sticks are included in this offer. Be it on the march to the battlefield or at the dance in the tavern, this drum will be a reliable companion.

Material: hardwood, goat skin
Height: 50 cm
Diameter: 45 cm
Weight: app. 2,7 kg

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149,90 € *

Precios incl. IVA legal más gastos de envío

Tiempo de entrega aprox. 5 días

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